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Camping Areas

Tent City Camping

Reid Ranch now offers guests the option to sleep in tents provided by Reid Ranch.  These tents are placed on platforms above the ground for a more even sleeping surface.  The Igloo 8-Man Log Cabin Tent has the appearance of a quaint log cabin that sleeps 8 persons and is designed for as much comfort as a tent may offer.  Guests still bring their own sleeping supplies and towels.

Reid Ranch staff will handle setting up the platforms and tents, so Tent City guests have a hassle-free vacation.  Guests may have additional instructions for care of tents during orientation.  Guests may be assigned to one of four Tent City campgrounds.

Regular Camping Area

Camping at Reid Ranch is a great option for very large groups (up to 500 people), and groups on a budget.  The wide open field on the Ranch’s plateau has plenty of space for tents.  Guests who camp at Reid Ranch bring their own tents, sleeping supplies, and towels but they still get to participate in all the activities the Ranch has to offer as well as receive three western-style meals per day.  When nature calls, camping guests also have access to restrooms.  Guests may be assigned to one of four campgrounds.