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Background sign post for menu signs.
2023 Cost Calculator for Family Reservations


Reid Ranch nightly rates for family groups in our Tabby Mountain Lodge are based on the total number of persons in the group (not counting infants),* the number of persons in each room (not counting infants),* and the age of each person.

To calculate an estimated cost for your family’s reservation select the number of rooms you wish to reserve below and click on the button, then specify the ages of the occupants in each room using the selection options provided.  This is an estimation cost calculator only and does not guarantee room availability.

The cost calculations are based on the Extended Price Chart.

Select the Number of Rooms your family will need for this reservation.  Each room sleeps up to 6 persons.

* Children two and younger are free and do not count toward the total number of people in the group, or in each room.  Baby food is not provided at meals.