Background sign post for menu signs.
Background sign post for menu signs.
Rotation Schedules

Sharing of Ranch Facilities:

Large groups may reserve the whole ranch for themselves but generally Reid Ranch hosts several groups at the same time.  To ensure that all groups get a chance to participate in the activities, we created a Rotation Schedule with timeslots assigned to each group for the main activities.

Rotation Schedules:

Rotation Schedules are sent to each group after they have made their final payment or 30 days prior to their arrival (whichever is later).  Final payment is due 30 days prior to arrival.

There is often overlap in these schedules as some venues have specific limits to the number of individuals that can participate during one timeslot.  Generally large groups break up into smaller groups with some participating in one activity and others in another activity.  Click here to see a rotation schedule sample.

During periods when a group is not scheduled for specific activities, there are other free-time activities to participate in which are posted on the rotation schedule.