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“How To” Guide for Successful Youth Conferences YC “How To” Guide
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Observations and Information

It has been exciting for Reid Ranch staff to host Ward and Stake Youth Conferences and Girls Camps.  We have been amazed at the planning and creativity that goes into these Conferences.  We would like to share a few comments by those who have been at the Ranch before.  They might be useful to you – or you already have your plans in place.

Reid Ranch sends to the person who makes the reservation two packets:  (1) 60 Days Prior to Arrival and (2) 30 Days Prior to Arrival.

These packets inform the attendees with such information as:  cell phones do not work at Reid Ranch, so participants should bring a phone card with them or buy one at the Ranch; groups should bring their own first aid supplies.  Other valuable information such as this is included in the packets.

The information in the packets can also be found on this website under Downloads.

Arrival and departure times are important to note.  Usually, one Ward or Stake group is leaving as another one is arriving.  If a group comes in too early, they do not have a good place to wait.

Please use the map to the Ranch that is included in the packet rather than GPS.  Google will send you in wrong directions where roads don’t exist.

Groups are always grateful that Reid Ranch holds a one-half hour Orientation time for each new group before they eat lunch.  Sometimes a few of the youth fail to listen closely.  Encourage them to listen to help each other follow directions later.

But now to the
Youth Conferences!

Each group is given a rotation schedule of activities.  One part of your Ward/Stake/Girls group could be swimming, another part at archery, a third at the paddle boats, a fourth part of the group playing soccer, a fifth part of the group horseback riding, etc.  Each part of a group of youth requires a leader to accompany them to each activity.  The leader keeps track of the new activity and the succeeding activities, and leads the youth group assigned to him/her there.  It’s the leader of each group who encourages, talks with, and has fun participating with the youth.  It is the leader who helps the shy girl or boy or self-conscious one to become part of the group.

When youth are left on their own to find their way to the paddle boats, for example, they might decide to sit in the trees and talk—meanwhile, holding up the next group who is scheduled to use the paddle boats.

I’m sure you know, as well as we do, that successful activities include leaders serving youth who find out that church-sponsored activities can be fun, and they are seeing the gospel in action.  It’s leaders who generate comradery among the youth.  We’ve watched youth and leaders bond at the Ranch.  We want to support your efforts.  We’ve tried to provide much for the leaders and youth to do, and we want to help you have a successful conference.

We are inspired with the Wards and Stakes that use “For the Strength of the Youth” as their guide.  Some additional activities we’ve seen leaders do is to help the boys pass many of the activities for their Duty to God Award.

We appreciate your efforts for youth.

Reid Ranch Management